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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Use of biodiesel and WVO/SVO

To the editor,

Truckers and others who are "scrambl[ing] for diesel fuel" (September 29, 2005, E1) may want to consider the diesel alternatives described in the September 22 AJC ("High gas prices grease path for vegetable oil fuel option"). Biodiesel and waste vegetable oil are readily available, energy efficient, sustainable, less toxic, and often less expensive than diesel. In addition, use of these fuels decreases our dependence on foreign, nonrenewable oil, and contributes to our agricultural development and national economy.

In 1911, Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine, said "The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today. But such oils may become in the course of time as important as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present time."

In this time of fuel shortages and rising prices, it is critical that we consider all our options for fueling our vehicles and fueling our economy.

Karama C. Neal


Blogger Karama said...

This letter is an effort to spread the world about alternative fuels. Follow the links in the letter for more information.

September 29, 2005  
Blogger Karama said...

A slightly modified version of this letter was published in today's AJC.

September 30, 2005  
Blogger dgibbons said...

Check out this 2001 VW Beetle TDI! We're converting it to run on Waste Vegetable Oil(WVO).

2001 VW Beetle TDI WVO Conversion

August 08, 2007  

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