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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

1% For The Planet: GreenKarat and MedShare International.

Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for the wonderful and much-needed work you are doing at GreenKarat. My husband and I wear GreenKarat wedding rings, and we value the opportunity to choose rings that are environmentally responsible and conflict free.

Thank you also for your participation in 1% For The Planet. As a citizen of the earth, and African American woman, and a bioethicist, I am particularly concerned with issues of environmental justice and health. MedShare International works toward environmental and biomedical justice by distributing unused medical supplies from the US to hospitals and clinics around the world that can use them. This decreases biomedical waste in the US, reduces landfill contributions and helps all people have access to good medical care. Because of their good work, I regularly support MedShare with my time and money.

I encourage you to support MedShare International through your contributions to 1% For The Planet. Thank you for considering requests from your customers. And thank you for all you do.


Karama Neal


Blogger Karama said...

Follow the links in the letter for more information. Also consider these:

So what can I do post on 1% For the Planet.

So what can I do post on GreenKarat.

So what can I do post on MedShare International.

Consider writing the companies you patronize to ask them to become members of 1% For The Planet.

September 21, 2005  

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