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Friday, July 01, 2005

Language and bias in Time

To the editor [of Time Magazine],

Although enjoyed your articles on President Abraham Lincoln and the times in which he lived and served (July 4, 2005), I was disappointed to find that your graphic identified the millions of Africans and African-Americans discussed as 'slaves,' a position they did not choose and one that violated their human rights. Please consider using terms like 'enslaved people' or simply, 'people' instead. These options restore and make obvious the humanity that these and all people exhibit. Recognizing and respecting this humanity is critical to ending the slavery and human trafficking that exisits today, even in the United States.

Karama C. Neal


Blogger Karama said...

This was sent as a letter to the editor. For more information see the following:

* The Time Magazine article I reference:

* A post from So what can I do on language, bias and discrimination:

* More on present day slavery:

July 01, 2005  

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